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For North East jazz fans the annual Gateshead International Jazz Festival is one of the highlights of the year. But it’s certainly not the only highlight, and Jazz North East’s programme over the coming months is just one treat after another. So if the recently ended festival has whetted your appetite for more great jazz, we’re ready to deliver it.

As usual, there’s a strong international flavour on offer, with the wonderful Swiss piano trio VEIN coming to the Lit & Phil as one of only three gigs in the UK, the newly formed Anglo-French trio Capsule, and the legendary American vocalist Linda Sharrock (who, just to add to the mix, will be working with an Austrian saxophonist). Linda’s gig is part of our highly successful ‘Women Make Music’ series, which then continues with a double bill featuring the duo of improvising trombonist Sarah Gail Brand and drummer Mark Sanders alongside the sensational young Tyneside saxophonist Faye MacCalman and her quartet.

Other gigs demonstrate our commitment to presenting the best of jazz regardless of genre, so on the one hand we have the total unpredictability of the trio YANA, led by Corey Mwamba - the man who has completely re-written the rule book for playing vibes - while we also find room in our programme for the sextet We Free Kings, who discernibly draw a line from past greats like Charles Mingus and Rahsaan Roland Kirk, while also incorporating influences from South African township jazz.

We can’t recall a time when there was so much exciting and varied music being made under the jazz banner. So much, in fact, that presenting all of it is sadly beyond our resources. But we’ll certainly carry on giving it our best shot!


23rd April @ the Lit & Phil
Great piano trio from Switzerland, delivering engagingly complex music with an underpinning of sure-footed swing.

26th April @ the Bridge Hotel
Vibraphone wizard Corey Mwamba returns with the trio that first revealed his talents to the Tyneside audience back in 2010.

28th April @ the Jazz Café
We Free Kings
Saxophonist Toby Greenwood leads a sextet with hints of Mingus, but undercut with Latin and South African grooves.

7th May @ Black Swan Bar & Venue
Linda Sharrock Group
Legendary vocalist, one of the key players in New York’s free jazz revolution back in the 1960s, making a very rare visit to the UK.

17th May @ the Bridge Hotel
Keyboards maverick Matthew Bourne links up with two stars from the Paris scene in an intimate but unpredictable take on chamber jazz.

21st May @ the Jazz Café
Brand & Sanders + Faye MacCalman Quartet
Trombonist Sarah Gail Brand and drummer Mark Sanders bring their long established improv duo to town, with support from brilliant young saxophonist Faye MacCalman and her quartet.

Full details for all these and later gigs can be found on the Events pages of this website.