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Let’s not mince words - Jazz North East loves Europe. Or, to be more specific, we love European jazz. When the Emile Parisien Quartet came to Tyneside in May 2010 it kick-started our relationship with the French scene, since when the music’s cooperative nature had led us to ever wider links across the continent. So it’s no surprise that our early 2018 programme is exceptionally strong in European representation. In fact we start the year with an absolute blockbuster, with five remarkable Luxembourg bands flying in for an all-day showcase, demonstrating the extraordinary diversity that exists in that small but creatively rich country. Then we follow up with artists from Portugal (a new nation for our list), France and the Netherlands.

But what really excites us is the element of cross-fertilisation that is erasing borders. So UK saxophonist Simon Rose, who plays the Bridge in February, has been living in Berlin for more than a decade, while pianist Dominic J Marshall has two trios, one based in London and the other in Amsterdam, with the latter group coming to the Globe in March. And, being ourselves keen to stir this melting pot, our Luxembourg all-dayer will also feature a number of collaborations with members of Tyneside’s Archipelago.

International relations, though, don’t stop at the European border, and we’re really pleased to be welcoming the superb New York cellist Daniel Levin, whose solo set at the Bridge will be his only UK appearance as part of a European tour, and Australian percussionist Will Guthrie - appearing in a double bill with Spanish-based Frenchman Thomas Bonvalet (aka l’Ocelle Mare)!

Of course there’s plenty of great jazz being made right here in the UK, and that too finds its way into our concert series. But we believe that the jazz world is increasingly interconnected, and that those connections have made, and continue to make, a massive contribution to the creative development of our music. We’re proud to be reflecting this in our programme.


21st January @ The Lit & Phil
Jazz de Luxe
An all-day showcase of jazz from Luxembourg, with just a touch of Tyneside.

4th February @ the Bridge Hotel
Simon Rose & Steve Noble
Berlin-based saxophonist returns to Newcastle after more than a decade, in the company of master percussionist Steve Noble.

11th February @ the Bridge Hotel
Luís Vicente, Olie Brice & Mark Sanders
Great Portuguese trumpeter makes his first Tyneside appearance alongside premier league bass & drum team.

15th February @ the Jazz Café
Group Theory + The Early Bird Band
The newest generation of North East jazzers on show, as two of the regions’s most exciting young bands come together in a great double bill.

23rd February @ the Jazz Café
Dock in Absolute
Acclaimed piano-led trio reveal more riches from the Luxembourg scene.

4th March @ the Bridge Hotel
Daniel Levin + Squeteague
New York cellist gives a rare solo performance, with support from newly formed Anglo-Scottish improv trio.

11th March @ the Bridge Hotel
Will Guthrie + l’Ocelle Mare
Australian percussionist and French multi-instrumentalist play solo sets, and then come together as a duo.

15th March @ the Jazz Café
Riviera Quartet : CD Launch
Trumpeter Pete Tanton and his A-list quartet unveil their debut album.

29th March @ the Globe
Dominic J Marshall’s Dutch Trio
Popular UK keyboards player returns to Tyneside, this time for a first session with his Amsterdam-based trio.

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