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It’s long been a matter of pride to Jazz North East that our programming is wonderfully diverse. As our printed flyers always boast, “genre is secondary - quality is foremost”, so if we’re excited by something we’ll go ahead and book it, regardless of style or origin. And the programme we’ve got lined up as Winter approaches is as rich a mix as ever.

In fact it’s made even more special by our participation - along with other promoters - in the first Newcastle Festival of Jazz & Improvised Music at the end of September. The funding secured for this from Arts Council England (thanks ACE!) has made it possible to book a brilliant roster of artists from across Europe as well as such UK stars as Zoe Rahman, all contributing to four days of unmissable music from intimate improv to ferocious jazz-rock.

But things certainly don’t stop after the Festival, and there are good things from Romania, America, Norway, the Netherlands and Korea in the pipeline, as well as outstanding musicians from across the UK . . . not forgetting our local scene, with appearances from such North East luminaries as Lindsay Hannon, Paul Gowland and Noel Dennis. We’ll be posting details on this website as soon as all the details have been firmed up, but in the meanwhile here’s an outline of some of the treats in store at the beginning of our new season . . .


3rd September @ the Bridge Hotel
The Spirit Farm Six of the North’s most creative improvisers come together in combinations from intimate duos to a full-throated sextet.

10th September @ The Bridge Hotel
Perpetual Motion Machine + Sinclair, Proud & Edis
Double-sax sextet with an entirely fresh approach to jazz-fusion, plus debut for a new trio led by drummer Adam Sinclair.

15th September @ the Jazz Café
Emma Fisk & James Birkett + Hot Club du Nord
Jazz from the 1920s and ‘30s, lovingly recreated but with the imaginative flair to make it as fresh as the day it was minted.

29th September @ the Lit & Phil
Zoe Rahman
Rare solo concert from pianist Zoe Rahman, one of the brightest stars on the contemporary jazz scene.

29th September @ the Jazz Café
Mark Williams Trio
Great local guitarist launches his new trio CD, ‘Last Bus to Bensham’.

30th September @ The Black Swan Bar & Venue
Acapulco + Schnellertollermeier + Desprez & Rasmussen + Troyka
Four band extravaganza with brilliant young musicians from France, Denmark, Switzerland and the UK.

1st October @ the Bridge Hotel
Three Trios
Staggering line-up of seven hugely creative London musicians, mixed and matched in three exciting trios.

8th October @ the Bridge Hotel
Lilli Unwin Band + Maja Bugge
Subtle grove and story-telling from a great young vocalist, plus gripping soundscapes from Norwegian cellist.

For full details of each of these gigs, click on the band name.