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Photographs of Keith Morris

Photographers are attributed where known

if you took any of those that are unattributed - or if you know who did - please let us know


Photographs from Stan Gamester

© Stan Gamester 2005 tel 07802 910166

email      stangamester@blueyonder.co.uk

Keith with Fender Bass and roll up 1975




Keith with members of Bruvvers and Uncle Ernies in Autumn 1977 at a community arts conference in Carlisle.




Keith and friends at Cavendish Place (? ) 1975

Keith with Stan Gamester Summer 1976

At the Uncle Ernie Community Arts music workshops around 1980 in Wallsend, teaching local rock muso's some techniques



From Pete Sanders

see his tribute to Keith

Keith Morris and Pete Sanders - guitars

Steve Moreham on fiddle

'at a student folk night somewhere or other'






from Jazz Action

Jazz Action                 email


           Workshop 22nd July 2001




    Photographs     © Adrian Tilbrook

    Tel: 01642 805016. mobile: 07854 582217




October 2000




September 2003


Jazz Action weekend Workshop June 2003




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