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The Thing  -  Sun Oct 02, 2011  |  08:00 pm
Admission £ 10.00 ( £ 8.00 concessions)
Swedish-Norwegian trio The Thing may be the most ferocious unit anywhere in world jazz. Formed around ten years ago to play the music of Don Cherry ('The Thing' is one of the late trumpeter's tunes), they expanded their repertoire to embrace elements of garage rock, but in recent times have returned to their roots, albeit filtered through their decade of development. Responding to a London gig last year, reviewer Ian Mann wrote "They are playing jazz again, with a richer vocabulary".

The paint-stripping intensity of their approach is undiminished, with saxophonist Gustafsson in particular creating a torrent of sound, but this is very far from a mindless thrash. Every performances reveals an astonishing range of extended techniques, sonic possibilities and controlled dynamics. These are three great musicians producing, reacting to, and mastering a maelstrom of sound.
These days The Thing are in huge demand all round the world, frequently playing in large venues. The Bridge is probably the smallest venue they've played for many years, but our decision to put them on in such intimate surroundings means that the full intensity of their approach will be heard to overwhelming effect.