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Daniel Erdmann's Velvet Revolution  -  Fri Nov 16, 2018  |  08:00 pm
Admission £ 10.00 ( £ 8.00 concessions)
We first became aware of Velvet Revolution when we spotted a poster in Paris. ”What’s this?” German saxophonist Daniel Erdmann, who’d been on JNE’s wish list for ages . . . French violinist Théo Ceccaldi, whose own trio was sensational at our ‘Paris-sur-Tyne’ event . . . and Jim Hart, who spearheaded the UK’s revival of enthusiasm for the vibes. All together in one band? What potential!

Then another of JNE’s roving talent scouts caught the trio live in the Netherlands . . . and it was clear that the potential was more than fulfilled. Erdmann, a self-confessed lover of melody (one of his bands was dedicated to the music of Kurt Weill), had been carrying “the sound of a trio in my ear” while looking for the right musicians to allow the inner sound to become a reality, and in Ceccaldi and Hart had found the perfect team for the project. His tunes consist of compact melodic statements, short musical narratives that open up for free flowing discussion between the participants. Without the rhythmic propulsion of either a drummer or bassist, each musician is able to make full use of their individual strengths and to find different and imaginative ways of setting, defining and leaning into the pulse. From start to finish, the listener is taken on a journey of musical colour through composition and intelligent improvisation, each short piece a multi-faceted jewel that’s peppered with surprises and irrepressible musicality.

That meeting in Holland led to immediate discussions about bringing the trio to Newcastle. It has taken well over a year to arrange, but we’re convinced that the wait has been worth it. This is music that in it’s own quiet way is revolutionary, but with the warmth and smoothness of the finest velvet.

Tickets are available from the Jazz Café (0191 222 9882), Reflex CD (0191 260 3246) or online from