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2 + 2 = Infinity  -  Sat Jun 13, 2009  |  08:30 pm
Admission £ 6.00 ( £ 3.00 concessions)
Take a couple of free improvising duos, put them together, and see what happens. For this gig two of the most innovative pairings on the current UK scene will each play a set of their own, and then all four musicians will come together to make music that could go anywhere.

Graeme Wilson and Andy Champion are at the forefront of the rapidly developing Tyneside free scene. Andy has been turning heads with his experimental bass and electronics explorations, while Graeme has real improv pedigree as a member of the acclaimed Glasgow IMprovisers Orchestra.

The Hurley/Hession duo brings together two generations of free improvisers: Leeds-based drummer Paul Hession has been prominent since the early'80s, both with UK groups (notably the tumultuous Hession, Wilkinson & Fell) and with many of the world's greatest free players, while Birmingham's Mike Hurley is a much more recent arrival on the scene, but has quickly established himself as a pianist of startling originality. When they get togerther, sparks fly.

And when all four musicians get together, who knows? All you can say for certain is ... it'll be exciting.