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Skeltr + Skwid Ink  -  Sun Jul 09, 2017  |  08:00 pm
Admission £ 8.00 ( £ 6.00 concessions)
THE sound you hear is that of genre walls being energetically demolished!

The two members of Skeltr, Sam Healey and Craig Hanson, are part of an increasingly diverse pool of Manchester musicians, emerging from varied backgrounds (from classically trained to completely self-taught) and coming together to create work that doesn’t so much cross boundaries as refuse to acknowledge their existence. This means exploring whatever catches their imagination, contributing to a music that combines soundscapes, live and pre-recorded saxes, bass, percussion and keys, all spontaneously triggered. Although there are recognisable and infectious melodies in the mix, they are not tied to pre-determined arrangements, but interact with the samples to communicate when to crank up the energy and when to nurture more delicate moments.

Recently selected for Jazz North’s ‘Northern Line’ roster of Ambassador Artists, Skeltr seem strongly placed to reach out to audiences who don’t think of themselves as jazz enthusiasts, but also to open the eyes (and ears) of the established jazz community to the wide stylistic palette from which younger musicians are drawing.

Support comes from Skwid Ink, a self-styled “raucous quartet”, emanating from Leeds College of Music, and equally determined to find a distinctive voice that draws on both jazz and non-jazz sources. Part of the independent Tight Lines record label, they have been gigging increasingly frequently around Leeds, but this will be their first appearance outside the city.

Between them the two bands in this outstanding double bill are delivering wonderfully energetic and imaginative music that confirms that jazz remains alive and well, and still learning new tricks.

Tickets for this gig are available from Reflex CD (0191 260 3246) or online from