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Cameron Vale  -  Sun Dec 11, 2016  |  08:00 pm
Admission £ 8.00 ( £ 6.00 concessions)
One of the most exciting things about the development of contemporary jazz in recent years has been the way in which young artists have absorbed a huge range of different approaches and seamlessly integrated them into their own music. And it would be hard to find a better example of this than the Leeds-based quartet Cameron Vale, selected as one of Jazz North's 'Northern Line' bands for 2015-16.

If you wanted to list the influences that go into their music, you would certainly start with jazz, but there are hints of metal, electronica, Afrobeat, klezmer, and many others. Yet that's hardly the point; the important thing is that these just contribute to their own exciting and individual approach that's full of danceable energy, memorable melodies, and ferociously energetic riffs. Like a good cocktail, the ingredients are the base, but it's the final taste that knocks you out!

Tickets for this gig are available from Reflex CDs (0191 260 3246) or online from