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An Evening with Dr Chad  -  Sun Sep 19, 2010  |  08:00 pm
Admission £ 7.00 ( £ 5.00 concessions)
America’s Eugene Chadbourne is one of the most wildly eccentric, hugely entertaining, and extraordinarily virtuosic musicians you could ever hope to find. His playing on guitar and banjo is almost indescribable, although a demented collision between country & western and free improvisation probably gets close. But he has also been known to get music from an amped-up garden rake, and one CD also lists “electric toaster, Casio Rap Man, Heevix Jam Master, Electric Ladybug & personal effects”. Over the years he has worked with a hugely diverse range of artists including John Zorn, Han Bennink, Carla Bley and Camper Van Beethoven!

For this gig, part of his first UK tour in around a decade, he’s joined by British drummer Roger Turner, a superbly sympathetic player who has the ability to be simultaneously extremely busy yet understated, constantly driving the music along without ever indulging in any in-yer-face pyrotechnics. Other guests may sit in – at ‘An Evening with Dr Chad’ you never know what might happen.