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Sean Noonan's Pavees Dance  -  Sun May 01, 2016  |  08:00 pm
Admission £ 8.00 ( £ 6.00 concessions)
If there is a busier and more artistically shape-shifting musician than Irish-American drummer Sean Noonan, s/he has escaped our notice. It must be at least a dozen years since Sean first visited Newcastle with The Hub, since when he has been back with an astonishing array of different projects. And now we're welcoming him again in his latest manifestation, delivering what he calls "soulful harmolodic funk/punk jazz" with an entirely new Anglo-American trio.

But it's typical of Sean's restless approach that the core of this new project consists of music inspired by Polish folklore, recorded in 2015 by a Brooklyn-based trio under the title 'Memorable Sticks' . . . and now recast for a line-up involving keyboards player Johnny Richards and bassist Mick Bardon from Leeds supergroup Shatner's Bassoon! So the material on offer at this gig at the Bridge will all be entirely fresh to Tyneside listeners, with a mix of tunes from the latest album and some even more recent pieces developed specifically for the trio with Johnny and Mick.

Our conviction that jazz is a constantly evolving music means that we are always on the lookout for new artists taking fresh approaches. But Sean Noonan is a one man (r)evolution, and we're happy to be inviting him back so that, with this new electric trio, we can keep pace with the latest stage in his journey.

Tickets for this gig are available from Reflex CDs (0191 260 3246) or online from