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A Big Hand  -  Sun Mar 06, 2016  |  08:00 pm
Admission £ 8.00 ( £ 6.00 concessions)
Described in 'Wire' magazine as being "like the Sonny Rollins Trio in a tumble-dryer", the quartet 'A Big Hand' is an extraordinary meeting of ecstatic free jazz and exploratory electronics.

Reedsman Tony Bevan contributes the mainly fierce fire music end of the spectrum - it's no coincidence that he works regularly with drum legend Sunny Murray - but no matter how free his playing, he still serves as a melodic lynchpin giving direction to a group that might otherwise get carried away with pure textural (inter)play. So he acts as the Yin to the Yang of Paul Obermayer, whose expertly improvised shards of electronic sound punctuate the music throughout.

Bassist Dom Lash and drummer Phil Marks are the central links in the chain, both equally at home in free jazz and more abstract areas of improv, maintaining a constantly imginative balancing act between the two tendencies to ensure that the music is never over-blown, over-elaborated or pushed to extremes.

The group's debut album, described by critic Ian Mann as "a pure pleasure", was released in 2011, but because the musicians are widely dispersed geographically (London, Bristol, Manchester & Halifax) they've played no more than a handful of live performances in the subsequent five years. But Jazz North East is so enthusiastic about their music that we're bringing them together for this one-off concert. It could be a very long time before it happens again, so don't miss this chance to experience the live punch of A Big Hand.

Tickets for this gig are available from Reflex Records (0191 260 3246) or online from