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Let Spin  -  Tue Oct 27, 2015  |  08:00 pm
Admission £ 10.00 ( £ 8.00 concessions)
With such a wealth of great bands on the UK scene, we like to concentrate on bringing new groups to Tyneside. But with Let Spin, who played a storming gig at the Bridge in February last year, we just couldn't get them back soon enough!

On that previous occasion we were expecting something pretty good; just look at the CVs of the band members - saxophonist Chris Williams is a founder member of Led Bib, Ruth Goller's most high profile rôle has been with Acoustic Ladyland, Moss Freed leads his own adventurous Moss Project, and Finlay Panter is the driving force behind the extraordinary Beats & Pieces Big Band. But the performance actually exceeded all expectations, with a review in BebopSpokenHere describing a it as an "awesome" display from "four players at the top of their game".

All four members of the band contribute compositions, between them drawing on inspirations as far reaching as Rage Against The Machine, Beck, Bill Frisell, Jim Black and Middle Eastern folk music. This might seem like a recipe for eclectic chaos, yet from such disparate elements Let Spin create a cohesive mix of angular riffs, wistful melodies, euphoric improv and heavy grooves. It's utterly distinctive, completely wonderful, and if you didn't get to hear them last time, Jazz North East are overjoyed to be giving you another opportunity.