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Followed by Thirteen  -  Tue Feb 25, 2014  |  08:00 pm
Admission £ 8.00 ( £ 6.00 concessions)
Immigration to the UK continues to enrich our culture in many ways, and the world of jazz is no exception. The London scene in particular is an exuberant melting pot, with 'Followed by Thirteen' - a meeting of Danish and British musicians - a hugely welcome new arrival.

Bassist and leader Henrik Jensen moved to London from Copenhagen in 1997, and soon established a reputation for versatility that has seen him in demand for bands across the stylistic spectrum, including six years touring with vocal trio the Puppini Sisters. But jazz has always been at the heart of his practice, and by the time he decided to form his own group he already had a wealth of musical contacts to call on, and a fine collection of original compositions for them to play. Thus 'Followed by Thirteen' was born.

Joining him in the group are his compatriot Esben Tjalve on piano, with an angular but accessible approach that has echoes of Monk or Ellington, and drummer Pete Ibbetson - the British participant in the mix - who unfailingly but subtly keeps the momentum going, as well as contributing some finely judged interventions of his own.

Most Followed by Thirteen gigs have an added international dimension with the inclusion of American trumpeter Andre Canniere: Canniere isn't avaiiable for this performance, which in one sense is a loss, but does mean that there is a much sharper focus on Jensen's highly imaginative compositions - the very purpose for which he formed the band.

This gig is presented under our Schmazz brand, devoted primarily to young bands providing a different slant on the jazz tradition, and it's the first at the new venue of the Jazz Café. It would be hard to find a more imaginative group to launch this new chapter in the Schmazz story.