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Sean Noonan & the Suwalki String Quartet  -  Sun Nov 17, 2013  |  08:00 pm
Admission £ 8.00 ( £ 6.00 concessions)
IF the jazz world possesses a more restlessly innovative musician than Irish-American drummer Sean Noonan, weʼve yet to find him. Sean first came to Tyneside over a decade ago with the remorseless jazz-punk trio The Hub, and has been back since with his African influenced group ʻBrewed by Noonʼ, a wildly eccentric duo with keyboards maverick Matthew Bourne, and most recently with two lederhosen-clad friends in his Bavarian Trio! Now he returns with his most ambitious project yet, a collaboration with Polandʼs Suwalki String Quartet.

Unlike many jazz musicians who use string sections just for colour, Sean has composed a challenging original suite for the ensemble, based around his own story ʻA Gamblerʼs Handʼ. A recording on the Songlines label and live performances on both sides of the Atlantic have drawn ecstatic reviews. Critical Jazz described it as “a dynamic and virtually faultless execution of art at an apex of creativity few can match”, while Lucid Culture called it “a category unto itself - and one of the best albums of 2012 in any style of music”. But if any of this sounds a little daunting, reassurance comes from influential American reviewer S Victor Aaron: “You think this might be boring? Cʼmon man, relax, this is Sean Noonan ... itʼs like nothing else out there”.

We agree. Thereʼs nothing else, and nobody else, quite like Sean, and weʼre really looking forward to this latest step in his unique musical evolution.

This gig is a co-promotion with 'Splinter @ the Bridge