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Trio Riot  -  Sun Nov 11, 2012  |  08:00 pm
Admission £ 8.00 ( £ 6.00 concessions)
Trio Riot is a remarkable example of the way in which young jazz musicians from across Europe are coming together to explore shared enthusiasms. Saxophonists Sam Andreae and Mette Rasmussen are from the UK and Denmark respectively, while drummer David Meier is from Switzerland . . . but to make the international dimension even more remarkable, they met for the first time in Finland!

That meeting took place on the coldest day of the 2009 winter, but the trio pretty soon warmed up when they started to play together, fired up by an energy that has its roots in the 'go for it' attitude of 1980s British punk. Their compositions, though, go far beyond three chord thrash, with elements drawn from a mix of 20th century contemporary music and the open structures of Ornette Colemand and other free jazz pioneers. All of this makes for music that can move in a range of different directions, aiming for a spontaneity that also takes account of the audience response.

So this is exciting, unpredictable music that largely transcends national and stylistic boundaries. The one down side is that the three participants can't get together all that often, and this gig at the Bridge is part of the trio's first UK tour. There's no knowing when they may come around again, so Jazz North East had no hesitation in booking them when the opportunity came up.

This gig is a co-promotion with Splinter @ the Bridge