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Charles Gayle | Back
Saxophones, Piano

Charles Gayle is a legendary figure on the New York free jazz scene, considered by many people to be the true heir to John Coltrane and Albert Ayler. For many years he lived a hand-to-mouth existence, living and playing on the streets, but in the late 1980s his cause was taken up by European improvisers, and he began to be recognised as one of the most original and uncompromising players of the period. His 1991 recording 'Touchin on Trane' is widely viewed as a masterpiece, and he continues to play with a ferocious intensity that nonetheless has an underlying vein of lyricism. He established his reputation as a tenor sax player, but has also recorded extensively as a pianist. More recently he has taken up the alto sax, but remains unmistakeably a master of the free jazz idiom.

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