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Paul Dunmall | Back
Reeds & Bagpipes

Paul Dunmall began his musical career moving between the worlds of experimental rock and folk music, but rapidly gravitated towards jazz, and increasingly towards the freely improvised end of the music's spectrum. Over the past 30 years he has developed an utterly distinctive style, combining the passion of 1960s style free jazz with a melodicism that at times seems to owe its roots to his early involvement with folk. In addition to playing saxes and clarinets, he has also taken up bagpipes, and is one of very few musicians ever to create a convincing jazz voice on the instrument. Since the turn of the century Dunmall has enjoyed an increasingly worldwide reputation, working frequently in the Far East, and being a regular visitor to the USA, where he has built immensely creative relationships with such legendary free jazz figures as bassist Henry Grimes and drummer Andrew Cyrille.

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