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Wilbert de Joode | Back
Double Bass

Wilbert de Joode didn't take up the double bass until he was 27, and is self-taught, but that hasn't stopped him becoming a veritable research scientist of bass techniques. He began working in relatively conventional jazz groups, but his unusual style caught the attention of some of the more adventurous Dutch musicians, and within a few years he was a regular member of several free improvising groups. Today he's one of the most active players on the distinctive Dutch improv circuit, with an instantly recognisable and intriguing sound that combines a great depth of tone, exploration of the outer registers, and an idiosyncratic approach to improvisation. He is also drawn to unusual combinations of musicians, including a group which involves bass saxophonist Klaas Hekman and three double bass players. Like all too many of Europe's leading improvisers, Wilbert seldom plays in the UK, so his appearance at 'On the Outside' will be a rare treat for listeners.

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