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Sheffield-born Chris Watson began his career in the 1980s as a relatively straight musician (if membership of left-field trio Cabaret Voltaire qualifies as 'straight'), but these days is much better known as one of the world's leading wildlife sound recordists, the man with the microphone for David Attenborough and Bill Oddie. But his interest in music remains very much in play as he reorders his recordings into extended soundscapes which reveal the hidden rhythms and harmonies of the natural world. (One of his recordings of glacial movement has been described by singer Bjork as her favourite bass track!) He has created sound installations for festivals in Berlin, York, Oslo, Tokyo and many other cities, and has released three highly acclaimed solo CDs, as well as collaborations with such electronic music stars as Fennesz, Philip Jeck and Mika Vainio. For the 2008 'On the Outside' Chris will be preparing a number of recordings featuring everything from tropical frogs to Patagonian winds, which can be dropped into proceedings at appropriate moments as a stimulus to the live musicians.

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