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Alex Ward | Back
Clarinet & Guitar

He doesn't much like being reminded of it, but Alex Ward was the nearest thing free improv has ever had to a teenage prodigy, playing clarinet on stage with Derek Bailey while just 15, and recording with him before his 18th birthday. Unfortunately being a free music wunderkind doesn't give you instant star status (even though it should), and somehow Alex has never quite become a household name! But that hasn't prevented him from plundering his way through the free music scene, playing with all sorts of players and developing his own take on what music is. Now playing guitar as often as clarinet - and doing a bit of singing into the bargain - he ranges recklessly across the genres from the near-classical compositions of Simon Fell through the eccentric guitar quartet Pocket to the wild abandon of Gannets (an improv offshoot of indie rock band Guillemots). Two of his longest established collaborators are John Edwards and Steve Noble (they have a trio imaginatively called NEW), both of whom are will be at 2008's 'On the Outside' Festival, so we'll get a taste of that alongside just some of the many other musical faces of Alex Ward.

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