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Raymond Macdonald | Back
Alto & Soprano Saxophones

Raymond Macdonald began musical life as a guitarist in late '80s indie band 'Remember Fun' - so indie that they didn't get a proper record release until 2001, by which time Raymond had long since abandoned the guitar and was already a leading saxophonist on the Scottish free jazz/improv scene! His most established musical projects are the quintet which he co-leads with George Burt (and which has issued a string of critically acclaimed CDs with various guest musicians), and the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, of which he is a founder member and organiser-in-chief. Both units have built an international reputation, and have led to Raymond collaborating and recording with some of the legendary figures of European improvisation such as Gunter 'Baby' Sommer. He is also a leading authority on the psychology of music, and has co-edited two Oxford University Press publications on 'Musical Identities' and 'Musical Communication'.

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